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Featuring postings about pieces and projects in various states of completion, as well as exhibit and event announcements. You can also subscribe via RSS.

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Photographer Photographed

5th May 2019

Oakland-based photographer Mo Saito has a gift for portraiture. His work is varied and has been published far and wide, but he’s best known for his canine photography. Recently, I got wind that he was doing an artist portraiture project, and I volunteered to serve as a subject.

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Petty Theft

2nd March 2019

Shortly after C was born, I took a short leave of our newborn cacoon to photograph friend and poet Nicholas Friedman for his forthcoming collection of poetry. We’re so excited that it is finally out and available. Buy it, read it. Cover to cover. Enjoy.


20th December 2018

As the Northern California rainy winter started to settle in, SLATE Art (my day job) dispatched to sun drenched Miami.

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