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Featuring postings about pieces and projects in various states of completion, as well as exhibit and event announcements. You can also subscribe via RSS.

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From the Dark Room

16th October 2015

It’s been a busy time in the dark room running test after test, screwing with negative color profiles, experimenting with different pigment combinations. Many of the results should be burned. But some mysterious surprises have also emerged.

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Murmur Art Auction

10th September 2015

On October 10th, Oakland Art Murmur will be hosting its annual Benefit + Art Auction extravaganza. And a piece from my Robinwood series will in attendance and on the preverbal auction block. Event details and tickets available here >


Ordinary Time

21st August 2015

After attending Catholic school for 12 years, I sometimes conceptualize time within the liturgical categories of “Ordinary Time” -the ordinary everyday periods- and … Exceptional (?!) Time -e.g. Advent / Christmas, Lent / Easter, et cetera. However, since moving to California, it feels as though the patterns of our seasons have yet to settle into any “Ordinary Time.” Once daily rhythms settle into one groove, something (an exhibition, a new job, et cetera)┬ácomes along to shake it all up again.

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