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See Mor See See Mor See See Mor See

By jilliadmin

On 02, Jul 2016 | In | By jilliadmin

See Mor See

An ongoing photography series executed by the artist in collaboration with her model and fellow photographer mother Maggie Weiss.

M. Yaga, M. Brolly, and M. Vinter are each characters in their own right and undertake unique journeys through divergent lands. Their parallel trajectories and shared author, actor, and aesthetic, though, bind them closely together.

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The Paws Family The Paws Family The Paws Family The Paws Family

By jilliadmin

On 24, Dec 2012 | In | By jilliadmin

The Paws Family

The body of work that relates to the Paws Family seeks to relay the tale of a unique and mysterious rabbit clan. First discovered and developed through a rich correspondence between sisters Maggie Weiss and Miriam King, it was then shared with the artist (their daughter / niece).

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