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The Carlsons of Cadillac The Carlsons of Cadillac The Carlsons of Cadillac

On 16, Jan 2013 | In | By jilliadmin

The Carlsons of Cadillac

The Carlsons of Cadillac series is the product of many long conversations with my maternal grandmother, who drew biographical sketches of her parents and siblings for me while we pored over family photographs.

A photographer in her youth and the last remaining Carlson, Gamma recalled her Michigan dairy farm family in vivid, sometimes heartbreaking detail. After our exhaustive interviews, I asked that she assign a color to each individual.

…Axel had a temper, so he is red…Al was rather dapper and owned a handsome grey suit, so he is grey…

It was with this rich stock that The Carlsons portrait series was created.


Carl Anton (b. 1880 ca., Dairy Farmer)
Selma Christina (b. 1880 ca., Dairy Farmer)
Alice Alphid (b. 1902, House keeper)
Axel Earland (b. 1904, Candy salesman)
Harold Thor (b. 1907, Farmer)
Margaret Louise (b. 1909, Home economist)
Carl Albin (b. 1912, Dept. store manager)
Albert Edward (b. 1916, Furniture salesman)
Mae Ella (b. 1920, Retail saleswoman)

{2010, oil on wood panels, 12 x 12 in}