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See Mor See See Mor See See Mor See

On 02, Jul 2016 | In | By jilliadmin

See Mor See

A long running photography series executed by the artist in collaboration with her model and fellow photographer mother Maggie Weiss.

M. Yaga, M. Brolly, and M. Vinter are each characters in their own right and undertake unique journeys through divergent lands. Their parallel trajectories and shared author, actor, and aesthetic, though, bind them closely together.


  • M. Brolly is a mysterious tourist, a humble voyeur, who tracks across England — always on foot and always under the protection of her red umbrella. The umbrella acts as a shield in a strange land, but it also makes the perhaps eccentric M. stand out with a scarlet punch.


    Cyanotype with gum bichromate and Van Dyke Brown on paper.

  • M. Vinter is a deeply collaborative work taking place in the brisk cold of winter. M. Vinter takes us on a rambling wander through New England, showing us her version of the world both through her companionship and her own lens.


    Cyanotype with gum bichromate on paper, 14 x 18 diptychs.


  • M. Yaga is a descendant of Baba Yaga, an old witch woman known in Slavic fairy tales as an antagonist with an appetite for young children. Most of Baba Yaga’s depictions have the old woman flying around the forest atop a giant mortar and living in a hut mounted on a pair of chicken legs. While she can play the role of sage to lost souls, her character is consistently solitary. So, M. Yaga finds herself on a similarly lonely journey…


    Cyanotype with gum bichromate on paper, 8 x 18 inches.