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From the Weeds From the Weeds From the Weeds From the Weeds

On 05, Feb 2013 | In | By jilliadmin

From the Weeds

The classic scenario of the artist-waiting-tables is laid bare in this on-going portrait series, in which the artist documents her hospitality compatriots nurturing their often hidden creative lives in a great range of activities.

Restaurant work’s ephemeral nature tends to draw together unique collections of individuals who are simultaneously nurturing other passions. These creative service workers draw upon the energy, camaraderie, quick cash, and odd hours to forward another, often entirely disparate, pursuit.

In the From the Weeds series, whose title is drawn from a hospitality colloquialism for an intensely busy period, the artist goes “into the field” with her colleagues to photograph them pursuing their other vocations.


Kim Kent: Server-Barista / Yoga Practitioner
M. Thomas: Server / Adventurer
Ethan Meussdorffer Samuels: Barista-Bartender / Writer
Devin Conathan: Cafe Manager / Musician
Aphra Kline: Server / Actress
Mike Hunter: Bartender / Musician
G. Murray: Accounts-Catering Director / Participant-Observer
Ranjini Bose: Bar Manager / Literary Enthusiast
Haley Zabriskie: Server / Gardener
Gregory J. Buda: Bar Manager / PhD Candidate, Plant Biology
Rafael Ambrosio: Barista / Soccer Player
Abby Richardson: Server / Student of Acupuncture and Goat Owner
Aly Reaves: Bartender / Sommelier Student
Anthea Barnett: Cafe Manager / Crew Coach
Julia Gray: Host / Large Animal Veterinary Student
Sam Glasbergen: Line Cook / Sportsman