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The College Archive The College Archive The College Archive The College Archive

On 22, Feb 2012 | In | By jilliadmin

The College Archive

A selective portfolio of work made during my tenure at Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

After a fondly remembered stint at the University of Washington in Seattle where I intended to pursue medicine, I transferred to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. There, I studied anthropology, with a focus on urban public art programs, and art, with a concentration in painting. Despite my interest in public art, my few forays in our college town floundered. Following that, my work turned inward. I found my voice through familial narratives, both fictive and grounded in history. And my mother often served as my defacto model and my muse, despite living states away.

While much my work during this time of instruction is best forgotten, certain pieces and series possess qualities and ideas that have stuck with me and my art practice. Tracing these threads can be an amusing exercise and help me shed light on what I am currently working on and where I might want to go. Perhaps they will amuse you as well.