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Hello, Holga

On 22, Jul 2018 | In Notes

Early on in my new motherhood, it became clear that the Rolleiflex was not a feasible camera for use while front baby-carrying.

First, it’s a bit of a tank, adding non-trivial weight when one is already carrying an infant; but, more importantly, it poises a real threat to knocking baby out (or worse…) with its sheer heft and sharp angles. Second, to even get a shot off while one also has a child strapped to the chest, one would need a wider wingspan than I possess. So, we’ve welcomed Holga into the family.

Holga is a plastic toy camera. Its body is lightweight and fosters unpredictable results. It’s known for vignetting and light leaks onto the medium format file it holds. To embrace Holga is to embrace chance. Our first few rounds of images aren’t much to write home about, but that is no surprise. We’ll keep at it, hopefully getting to know each other better as time goes on.