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On 17, Jun 2017 | In Notes

My mother (and often muse) and I have each visited Montreal in the company of others, but never together. So, we made plans to leave our opposite coasts and reunited in this Canadian metropolis, humming with French and teeming with beauty.

With my Rolleiflex in tow and a good stock of film, I was excited to photograph the city with this special camera. However, in the first trimester of pregnancy, I found my energy was failing me as I doggedly tried to keep up with my energetic mom as with crisscrossed town on foot. The Rolleiflex grew heavier and heavier, and my psychic energy was too crowded to see my potential shots properly. So, I opted to leave the beast at our hotel for most of our wanderings and just focus on being present in this special moment.

The two spots that I did determinedly drag it along for was a visit to McGill University’s Redpath Museum of natural history and the Mont-Royal Cemetery, where we paid our respects to Leonard Cohen.

Above image: courtesy of my mom, documenting me peering through the Rolleiflex.

Montreal | Rolleiflex