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Robinwood Zine

On 03, Sep 2016 | In Artwork, Books

Printed in conjunction with the Robinsong exhibition, a Robinwood Zine is now available.

The plans for Robinwood, my maternal grandparents’ hand-built Michigan home were lifted from the December 1946 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. With this origin in print, the Robinwood series now includes a special zine that tells the story of the house and the relationship of its residents to it, illustrated with the artworks that make up this series.

The zine is available for purchase for $18 + shipping.  To order, please use the contact page here >

Jillian Piccirilli, Robinwood Zine (2016)
Jillian Piccirilli, Robinwood Zine cover (2016)
Jillian Piccirilli, Robinwood Zine, 2016
Jillian Piccirilli, Robinwood Zine interior spread (2016)