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On 10, Jan 2016 | In Notes

For the past year+, I have had my head down working on my third alternative photography project. Following the Hemland and Robinwood series, I decided to tackle my Mama series through the fresh lens of archaic printing.

It’s really been more like three projects than one, and it’s been slow going with seemingly endless months of experimentation and testing of various approaches and color combinations. With our fantastically long and hot summer, I was able to accumulate an obscene pile of test prints…for better or for worse.

Now, in the midst of winter, I am pleased to have the Mama Brolly series down pretty well pat, though it’s through a terribly labor intensive printing process that allows for ruining your print at ever turn. Mama Vinter is finally resolved and ready to go full speed ahead. And Mama Yaga is just at the cusp of resolution.

It’s terribly exciting and all I want to do it print! But, again, it’s winter. The sun is scarce. Clouds are plentiful. Much needed rain is perpetually lurking. So, I quietly and selfishly mutter to myself…Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun