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Ordinary Time

On 21, Aug 2015 | In Artwork, Notes

After attending Catholic school for 12 years, I sometimes conceptualize time within the liturgical categories of “Ordinary Time” -the ordinary everyday periods- and … Exceptional (?!) Time -e.g. Advent / Christmas, Lent / Easter, et cetera. However, since moving to California, it feels as though the patterns of our seasons have yet to settle into any “Ordinary Time.” Once daily rhythms settle into one groove, something (an exhibition, a new job, et cetera) comes along to shake it all up again.

In keeping with this truism, the year has seen its share of re-adjustments, marked significantly with the decision to dramatically scale back my free lancing “day jobs” to take on a post more resembling a 9-5. In the studio during this time, I have been plugging away at a new body of work…or, rather, I have picked up an old thread that was lying dominant and unresolved as my current main studio project. Loaded with struggles on technical, conceptual, and formal fronts (like all new bodies of work) PLUS my reliance on midday sunlight for my archaic printing processes, the project has been slow going with this new schedule.

But enough is enough! There is work to be done, and it is time to find ways to do it. There are fresh prints cooking, and new testers in the pipeline. Fresh colors have been added to the stock (thanks!! to generous benefactors), and new combinations are being mixed.

Pictured is a second (third? fourth? fifth?) generation test of different color combinations and negative processing for one of the subprojects.

What’s so special about Ordinary Time anyway.