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Robinwood at Hinterland

On 10, Sep 2014 | In Artwork, Exhibitions

It’s gonna be a party! Opening at Denver’s Hinterland Art Space on Friday, September 12th, 6-11p: ROBINWOOD.

Sept 12 – Oct 3 | Opening Night Reception 6-11p
Hinterland Art Space
3254 Walnut St, Denver, CO



My new series Robinwood chronicles the life of my maternal family’s past handmade homestead. A three-bedroom-two-bath set on northern Michigan cow pasture land and inspired by blueprints lifted from a Better Homes & Gardens, Robinwood was the house that my grandparents Jim and Mae King built together. Being the Kings’ only grandchild, I have created an illustrated ode to the space, which had been a constant against a typical life marked by transience. Through a merging of archaic photographic printing methods and painting that mines the family’s archives and artifacts, I have attempted to mime Jim and Mae’s impulses of creation and sharing. Robinwood is a re-creation and re-telling of the story of the space, which seeks to both contain and extend the homestead’s life.



HINTERLAND is Sabin Aell and Randy Rushton. Early 2008 the couple opened the art space, where Sabin curates and exhibits adventurous contemporary art. The term HINTERLAND originates in the german language, has been incorporated into the english vocabulary and means: Beyond what is visible or known.

Reflecting on the name, HINTERLAND is explicitly featuring artists who work with extravagant and coherent visions. The art highlighted plays and seduces with compelling concepts within the roam of contemporary art. HINTERLAND shows artists who practice in a variety of medium, including: painting, photography, sculpture, video, glass art, textiles, fashion and design.

HINTERLAND is entirely built with reclaimed and salvaged materials. All artists and guests are appreciated who are in resonance with the desire to share, exploit fun and co-create within living as energy efficient as it gets. HINTERLAND is part of the Rino Art District.