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ITHACA exhibition | Denver, CO

On 07, Feb 2014 | In Exhibitions

Keep Ithaca always in view.

Getting there is your final purpose.
But never speed up your journey, no.
Better to let it last for many years;
and anchor on the island when you’re old;
rich with what you gained on the road,
never expect Ithaca to give you riches.
Ithaca granted you the beautiful journey.
Without her you’d never have taken to the road.
She has nothing left to give you.

Showing at Pirate: Contemporary Art from Jan. 31st through Feb. 16th, 2014, Ithaca is an exhibition of new works by Monique Crine (Denver), Leah Thomason Bromberg (San Francisco), and myself.

The exhibition served as catalyst to fully realize a new series that I had been working through since 2011, exploring my maternal family’s relationship to Sweden, where my great-grandparents and those before them hailed.

The full series, Hemland, can be viewed here.
Below, see the work in the context of its premier Denver showing.


*Excerpt from C.P. Cavafy, Poems, the Canon, trans. John Chioles, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2011.

HEMLAND @ Pirate: Contemporary Art