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Denver Westword | Exhibition Review

On 14, Feb 2014 | In Exhibitions, Press

The Denver Westword’s Michael Paglia reviews our Pirate exhibition ITHACA.

Paglia writes: “A smart ­looking show on display at Pirate combines pieces by three artists who first met in 2006 at Cornell University… Though each is doing something clearly different, they work in compatible styles, so the show is a seamless whole.”

On my work:

The west wall, given over to Piccirilli, is tiled with dozens of small cyanotypes altered with wax and gouache. These one­off prints are collectively entitled “Hemland,” with some presented as single panels and others being diptychs or triptychs. These photo­based montages combine travel pictures from her visits to the ancestral home of her mother’s family in Sweden with images of letters and artifacts. Stylistically, there’s a neo­dada aspect to them, although the chastity of the imagery also gives them a sort of high­tech look.

Full review available here.