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Swedes / Cyanotypes

On 20, Aug 2013 | In Artwork

Lately, I’ve been flying excited circles in a holding pattern waiting for these two important personal art events.

1. The epic voyage to the matriarchal motherland: Sweden (see earlier post). It is almost upon us! I have just been teeming with inklings and leads for various work that I would like to create out of this loaded journey. The anticipation is difficult to contain.

But, as the Swedes say, “Det ar ingen ko pa isen.”

There’s no reason to freak out.

Literally: There’s no cow on the ice.


2. Learning about cyanotypes. After my return, I am slated to take a class on this original photographic printing process at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.

The process is marked by a basic list of chemicals, the potential to use the sun as your exposure light source, and a liberal list of grounds that one can print on. Plus, one can then paint on the resulting print! The possibilities for combining my photos and painting through this medium seem just endless, from the Paws work to the Mama series.

Watch out world.