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Springtime Camping Excursion

On 18, Mar 2013 | In Notes

We’ve picked up a new hobby, which is giving rise to more travel photographs: camping. First experienced on our journey cross country to our new lives in California, it is now our main vehicle for getting to know this enormous state.

For this month’s excursion, we set off for the central coast and got lucky with two great campsites. The first was at Montana de Oro, where we were serenaded by the crashing waves throughout the night. From there, we headed back north to an amazing 2,600 ft. perch at Henry W. Coe State Park over looking the Santa Clara Valley.

I won’t bore you with photos of our tent or the dog chasing a tennis ball at a Morro Bay beach. However, when we were en route between our two encampments, we drove through some sublime green farmlands bathed in a beautiful morning sun. Here are few snapshots from that drive…