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2010 - 12

Ithaca, NY

Arts Council Director

Stella's Restaurant, Bar, & Cafe

On 23, Feb 2013 | In Work-For-Hire Projects

Inspired by the idea of a dear friend and fellow artist-server (mentioned off-handily as she was leaving town to move West), I founded & managed a volunteer group of my fellow restaurant staff members that organized in-house arts activities.



Within our cafe and downstairs spaces, we hosted frequently changing art shows. Artwork was selected through consensus by the Council, and I coordinated the schedule and installations with the artists.

I also spearheaded that installation of a sophisticated rail hanging system to facilitate quicker and more professional hangings and a safer environment for our high traffic cafe.


The other main focus of the Council was to vet and diversify the weekly live music program.

Occasionally, we hosted special one-time-off music events, which were consistently well-attended.


Stella’s Arts Council also served as the coordinating tool for hosting community events, such as poetry readings, and sought to forward artistic pursuits within the staff through internal art salons, a book club, and re-occurring “Crafts and Drafts” events.

Loosely connected with these activities was the founding and editing of the on-lines arts magazine Rag Mag {Occasionally}.