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Paws Revisited

On 15, Jan 2013 | In Artwork

An important part of the journey West has been to re-center my work on my art.

Over the past few years, some wonderful opportunities have come along and pulled away my attention at the expense of concerted and concentrated focus on the various projects that I have stewing in varied states of completion. So, this dramatic change in geography is being paired with a refocusing.

7paw_142_lbxPrvFirst on the agenda is a return to the work of the Paws Family. The Paws were the object of my thesis work, an¬†ambitious¬†installation relating the historical narrative of a strange rabbit family. Since their first showing, I have wanted to tell their story in novel form. As part of my thesis, I did assemble and publish a transcript of the Paws Family’s source material : a rich written correspondance between my mother and her sister. Five years later, though, I am revisiting the work and re-configuring it to be a more concise text saturated with illustrations.

A few sneak peaks into some of the early sketches are available on the Paws’ portfolio page, as well as images of their past showings.