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2011 April



In Exhibitions

Now Showing: Learning How to Cook Everything

On 28, Apr 2011 | In Exhibitions

RiverRead Books
5 Court Street, Binghamton, NY

Binghamton Gallery Night
Friday, May 6th, 6-9p

The mixed media series Learning How to Cook Everything was born out of a collaboration between the artist and her husband to intimately document his foray into cooking as developing a life skill, a creative endeavor, and an avenue to continue a family tradition after his father’s death.

The title is a reference to New York Times writer Mark Bittman’s seminal cookbook, which served as the how-to manual to her husband’s otherwise unmentored efforts. Using traditional and non-traditional negatives and incorporating collage, the artist sought to weave together highly personal photographs with images culled from wider cultural sources.



In Exhibitions

Now Showing: The Carlsons of Cadillac

On 17, Apr 2011 | In Exhibitions

Just a Taste
April 17 – May 22
116 North Aurora Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

The Carlsons of Cadillac series is the product of many long conversations with my maternal grandmother, who drew biographical sketches of her parents and siblings for me while we pored over family photographs.

A photographer in her youth and the last remaining Carlson, Gamma recalled her Michigan dairy farm family in vivid, sometimes heartbreaking detail. After our exhaustive interviews, I asked that she assign a color to each individual.

…Axel had a temper, so he is red…Al was rather dapper and owned a handsome grey suit, so he is grey…

It was with this rich stock that The Carlsons portrait series was created.



In Artwork

New Work: Mama Vinter

On 03, Apr 2011 | In Artwork, Collaborations

The final chapter of The Mama Series comes to a close with Mama Vinter, who takes us on one last rambling wander through New England, showing us her version of the world both through her companionship and her own lens.